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I've been busy for around an hour, making Bottom quote icons!

I've made 35, and it's still not NEARLY the best quotes...too many to choose from!!

I'll be making more and more, so i'll probably post again tonight.

Wayhey! Enjoy! Quote/credit and all that bollocks.
*Is off to make more*
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Can I put in a request for "Have ya got any more exploding carrots?"
LOL why of course! I need all the help i can get, there are WAY too many amazing quotes, finding time to do them all shall be a task! but i'll do that one now :P

:D Hope you like.

again, am crediting you on my info page. this is seriously funny shit. thanks! : )
Heehee aww thank you!! *Hugs*
I'm all cheered now :D
I think I'll just put bollocks
fair enough ;)