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I read an article in The Sun yesterday by Rik Mayall and he says that there was a fourth series of Bottom but those politically correct wankers at the BBC wouldn't allow it to be made, and he said that it was the finest series of Bottom they'd written. They had also written a comedy drama called The Murderers, which he said was as good as The Young Ones but the BBC didn't have the balls to make it. The sad cow responsible for spoiling our fun is a BBC2 controller named Jane Root. As Rik says, "She destroyed mine and Adrians baby, the last series of Bottom she didn't like".
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*shakes fist*

How can they be all high and mighty when they had already shown the previous 3 series? Surely it couldn't have been more risque than them!

Rik should submit it to channel 4, they would show it...(though I have no idea about the legal ins and outs)
I always found it a shame that it got killed off when it did, series three has some of my favourite episodes! But then maybe they killed it on top and Rik has been misquoted?
If there is indeed more. I'm sure BBC3 would be willing to make it if Rik and Ade wanted to go ahead and make it. They've still been away doing the live shows so I don't see why they wouldn't.

But anyway.. this was in The Sun? Should we take any notice?
Slut-bag!!! And Little Britain (although hilariously funny) isnt offensive and politically incorrect???
bitch! they should be allowed to show it. i mean they showed it in the nineties when censors were really strict so why not now?

i hate the bbc sometimes.